Realities: Set and Respect Boundary Conditions

Vigilance, Shelley Klingerman, takes a serious tone to setting boundaries whether on travel or in the professional workplace: “Generally, women are kind and approachable. However, there are certainly situations where it’s better not to engage in a conversation or...
Realities:  The Visitor Checklist

Realities: The Visitor Checklist

Visitor Checklist Being prepared for visitors at your plants can leave a lasting impression Not long after I started working with Kathy, we had a couple less than stellar visits from customers and guests from Corporate.  Data wasn’t prepared, food wasn’t...
Realities – Unexpected Experiences:  The Coffee

Realities – Unexpected Experiences: The Coffee

Set your boundaries. After I had cycled through most of the HR functions, I finally got the opportunity to go to the department which was aptly named to match the major I had chosen or had been chosen for me (semantics). I had loved HR as a “people person” and now was...
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