52 Manufacturing Definitions by Propel

52 Manufacturing Definitions by Propel

Every industry speaks in acronyms and manufacturing and supply chain are no different! “CAPA? MTBF? NCMR? At first glance, the world of product manufacturing seems to be one big secret code. Here’s your ultimate guide to supply chain acronyms.”...

Realities: Set and Respect Boundary Conditions

Vigilance, Shelley Klingerman, takes a serious tone to setting boundaries whether on travel or in the professional workplace: “Generally, women are kind and approachable. However, there are certainly situations where it’s better not to engage in a conversation or...
Realities:  The Visitor Checklist

Realities: The Visitor Checklist

Visitor Checklist Being prepared for visitors at your plants can leave a lasting impression Not long after I started working with Kathy, we had a couple less than stellar visits from customers and guests from Corporate.  Data wasn’t prepared, food wasn’t...
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