We recently had the opportunity to share our book with a larger audience through www.shepherd.com.  Shepherd makes it easy to discover the best books and works with over 8,000+ authors who have shared five of their favorite books around a topic, theme, or mood. Shepherd makes it easy to find the books authors recommend through a book you already love, an author you adore, or a Wikipedia topic that interests you.

Our topic features “real talk by women authors”.  The OPSisters believe that creating psychologically safe work environments built on trust and inclusivity leads to great results.  These 5 books embody that philosophy by getting deeper into various topics with “real talk” to help us improve!

We hope you will check out these books and also go to the Shepherd website for your book browsing enjoyment!

Check out Shepherd’s new topic:  “The best books about women” here:  https://shepherd.com/bookshelf/women