Kathy and I had the opportunity to speak at the Women in Manufacturing North Region meeting.  We recorded our presentation beforehand then answered questions from the group live. It was such a great experience to connect with women that share our passion.

In the presentation, we shared our journey to transform a traditionally run batch operation to a lean enterprise, characterized by authentic leadership, an inclusive culture, and excellent business results.  We outlined the steps of the transformational journey and also highlighted some of the challenges and triumphs along the way.  We shared the fun and emotion of the three years and the endearing friendship that was formed between us.

As women in manufacturing, we know that “together we are stronger.”  This presentation sought to inspire women who are on that journey.  To provide an example of how high performing ladies can thrive in an intense and fast-paced world where you are judged to be as good as the performance of your organization 30 days at a time.

Kathy and I strive to be role models for those who are juggling dual-career marriages, raising families, and intense and fulfilling careers.  Even those who are not in those demographics will benefit from adopting the strategies and tools we used to facilitate this business transformation.

To view our speech click on the link below!