Developing relationships early on will be a key to your success.

After I left my Corporate assignment and started my next rotations in the plants, there were many more things I needed to learn…the computer systems, specifically MRP (material resource planning), the PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements, the equipment and manufacturing processes, the office processes, and who does what.  The who does what was vital.  I was aware I knew very little about all of  these things, so I needed to know who to ask for help and when.  This was one of those fine lines to walk.  It’s good to ask questions; in fact, for survival and success, it’s required.  However, asking the same question over and over without documenting and trying on your own is not.  The point is to try and learn.  Make mistakes, tell someone when you do, and learn how to fix them.  I found that not everything came naturally to me, and when I was honest and humble enough to admit that, it allowed those relationships to continue to grow.

Since I was alone, again, in a small town, the people I worked with quickly became people I depended on.  They helped me with basic life stuff like where to eat, things to do on weekends, a gym to join, where to shop (since there was nowhere close to do so, online shopping became my favorite pastime!).  They included me in happy hours, and I met their families.  They helped me survive being alone, building on my personal success.

Stay tuned for more highlights and stories from the journey