It was such an incredible honor to be inducted into the Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame.  President Allison Grealis described our inductee group as having “made significant, lasting contributions to our industry,” and as “true trailblazers who have created opportunity for countless other women.”  I was truly humbled and so appreciative of this recognition.

Receiving this award is such a meaningful milestone in what has been an incredibly fulfilling career.  Manufacturing is not a profession that is suited for the faint of heart.  Every day challenges present themselves to you, whether they be people, product, or process related.  Every day you receive a report card through a myriad of performance measures.   However, I have found it the perfect place to enable the things that I value.  I have had the opportunity to produce things that make the world a better place from rubber seals that aid in the production of safe and healthy food to jet engines that bring soldiers home from war.  I have had the opportunity to solve problems, contribute as a trusted team member, and serve as a courageous leader.  I have survived toxic environments and created inclusive ones.  I have had the opportunity to meet people in over 300 factories in over 20 countries, people who have welcomed me and trusted me to teach and encourage them.  And, through helping to build strong and sustainable manufacturing businesses, I have helped support the livelihood of people, people who deserve livable wages and meaningful work.  That has made it all worthwhile.

Thank you, Women in Manufacturing, for providing a moment to pause and reflect on a rewarding career that has provided the opportunity to serve others in such a worthwhile manner.